Note #12

Harry turns to face him, her hands settling on her hips as a disproving frown settles on her lips. She demands. “Are you ever bloody serious?”

Louis lifts his eyes to her, his look semi-judgemental but a moment later, they lower back to his newspaper. He turns the page. “I can be seriously not serious. Does that count?”

University Challenge #006

It’s worth it?

With another year at its end, putting aside time for reflection is important.

It seems that amongst the moaning, the complaining, the tears, the sleep deprivation and so on…

There does seem to be a light at the end of the ‘metaphorical’ tunnel. There is hope beyond the “Thank tea, I passed this year!”. Albeit, the brightness of the light fades with every year lost to academia.

Don’t get me wrong. My course is as intellectually stimulating as it had been in first year but it now seems that the enthusiasm to continue learning has become somewhat…. lacking.

The surety that a job needs to be the end result of this degree, lest I bow down under the pressure of the all consuming debt, that is still piling up by the way, is motivation enough to find enthusiasm. However, this motivation only lasts for as long as the summer holidays last and escaping reality through Netflix and sleeping contoniusouly can only do so much.

Anyway, it does not do well to be entirely negative. Another year down means another year less to complain over.